I am a story teller.

On Cape Breton Island, where I grew up, there is a quiet permanence to life that seems to keep it almost insulated from the fast pace of change that the rest of the world endures. Change happens there, just at its own pace. Growing up there, my head was filling up with the media of the day, (thank you 1980's cable TV) but it was also being imprinted with the age-old story telling tradition inherent in all of us Cape Bretoners.  

Every gathering, every dinner, every rum or beer, was shared with a story or two. About your family, your neighbor or about our ancestors and our great heritage. Stories were our island’s currency, and still are, I suppose. Storytelling and my immersion in media were two of the strongest influences on me while growing up on Cape Breton Island - and those things have shaped who I am today. 

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Since those early days, I’ve been involved in story telling and media creation in its many forms: TV shows, documentary films, business promo films and book publishing, to name a few. I continue to learn better ways to use video to tell stories. I also continue to learn new ways to help businesses share and market their shiny new videos. I’m a voracious consumer of tech and marketing blogs – so you don’t have to be. 

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